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From Italian mother and French father Valerie was born and raised in Rome living of artistic passions.


Interested in art since ever, she approaches drawing and studies illustration at the IED graduating as a Graphic Designer in the years when the teaching tools were purely manual.

The various youthful work experiences as graphic designer, including those for the magazine “AD Art and Design”, improve her manual skills by using all the technics quickly refining and personalizing her style.

It came natural and necessary the choice to devote herself exclusively to express her artistic drive, so she experimented with various painting techniques as oil and acrylics on canvas, wood, glass and other materials, she specialized then in murals and trompe-l'œil that were commissioned both as permanent decorations and for sets and temporary locations such as exhibitions at the “Pitti Uomo Exhibition” in Florence.

Fascinated by Caravaggio, among all the great masters of Renaissance art, she adopted contrasts of light, shadows and depth of field as distinctive features of her artistic production, until she recognized herself in hyperrealism: the curiosity to challenge herself in new techniques fermented, among which, upon request, the perfect reproduction on giant panels of the works of De Chirico, Miro, Kandinsky and Lempicka.

She later fell in love with the digital universe approaching first on Photoshop completely self-taught and coming in contact with the tools of photo manipulation that stimulated her to love photography, which she presented in various photo contests for which she received several awards. She ranged in digital art where creativity and dynamic evolution allow her to outline new conceptual horizons: experimentation in mixing shots with images from the web, gave life to many of her works that participated in various contests and find interest from collectors.

Mixing all the techniques learned in his artistic career, she resumed painting using 2D tools, thus characterizing the peculiarity of her works that take shape from the decomposition of photographic images used as references in which some details emerge embodying the origin of his emotional story and that reproduces manually recomposing them in a vision beyond the dimension of reality, which through retouching and manipulation, express their essence hyper-surrealist.

The influences of her favorite artists such as Caravaggio, Dali, Frida Khalo, Magritte, Andy Warhol up to conceptual as Banksy inspire her and leave traces sometimes appearing in her works: surrealism becomes the protagonist of her creations. The visual language of her production, which develops between collages and digital painting, positions her in the exhibition circuit of luxury locations open to the public such as restaurants, hotels and foyers of the Milanese design world. She ventures in the world of Crypto art as an artist and as a creative consultant for the project YouArtistry (, participates in various competitions, events and exhibitions, including winning the contest "Art at the time of coronavirus” with the work You will rise once again published on the cover of Prince Editor, winning the exhibition “An artist a day“ with the work Sex Symbol for the gallery "Micro Arti Visive", being selected among the first seven between hundreds of candidates for the Hackatao project “Remix Me” with the work Get lost in the remix, sold on Makersplace

"I believe that the creative process I follow already has a clear idea of the image I want to communicate, so sometimes I find myself looking for elements in a focused way, other times I am struck by the expression or position of a body part, a hand, a detail: any little thing that communicates emotions to me. And from there I build my canvas guided by the message I want to portray. I imagine that my unconscious, coming into contact with the external contaminations that all human being shave to interpret, decides on its own to transform my deepest vibrations into chaotic images, letting them escape without explanation but naturally set among them in my perfect way, harmoniously interpreting the feelings that pervade me. With my works I express inner restlessness, monsters of the past, perception of the future, questions and answers that have no words, those blindfolded glances on time, that world I season with pictorial textures, just as I did with the brush.


The visualization of each element, contour, animal, position or color, is my story that I struggle to put in to words but that only by creating, comes to life. Are my works metaphors? I don't know, sometimes it's a denunciation of something, or they are my fears, sometimes the celebration of what I love, or even the expression of my irony. I only know that I try to blend the beauty of the female figure, often present in my creations, with nature, animals and elements that mixed give a sense of my inner universe: the story is right there, between the details, or if you want between the pixels.


Fantasies, obsessions, sexuality, emotions, sensuality are the imagined or visible surface that offers the viewer the opportunity to perceive my work through his own feelings: that's why I don't like to title my creations because by doing so I determine a clue, which instead I would like to leave to free interpretation. A symbol, a detail, a shadow can always mean many things that I hope will take on a meaning in the viewer's vision: for example, the bees that have recently been frequenting the images I produce, for me as entomophobe, are in my paintings the bearers of the message about what we are losing, ruining and that we should preserve instead."


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